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So I just watched The Tall Man and let me just tell you they advertise it as a horror film which their are some scary parts but for the most part the movie has a bigger message to it. I would seriously recommend anybody to watch this movie and don’t worry when you get Half way through the movie and get confused as fuck because it will soon all make sense.

"What’s it like to be so sure of yourself?"


Blake Lively filmography


The most underrated performance of our generation 

Why do I start watching tv shows that already have atleast 5 seasons out already can’t I start a show with only like one or two.. Because now I have to try and finish the ones I already started but some of them have a lot of seasons.

I just saw a gifset from the new episode of parenthood… I really have to catch up on that show.

Favorite Movies {9/?}

You know what? You are rude, and mean, and sloppy, and frizzy! And I don’t like you at all!

13 Going on 30 (2004)

Season 4 here I come!

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